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Unable to add meta point as context to itself

  • Heya,

    I am trying to create a meta data point so that once the user updates its value, a script is executed to update other points. According to the point details help, I should be able to add itself to the context once the point has been initially saved.


    Once the point has been created and saved, I see the point in the script context droplist but when I try to select it, nothing happens. I can add other points without issue but not the current point. I have refreshed the data sources page just in case but that didn't help. I thought the point needed to be enabled but that didn't help.

    I'm I missing something?


    PS: the help window is a bit out-of-date as it refers to clicking a plus sign to add a point to the context.

  • Hi iperry,

    The meta point should already be in its context, then, under the variable my

    A meta point cannot trigger its own execution on context update, to avoid infinite loops. Setting a value to a meta point just saves that value. Hitting the refresh button on a meta point triggers a script execution.

  • Hi @phildunlap

    Ahh, ok makes sense that meta point cannot trigger its own execution to avoid loops. I guess the way I read the overview in the pop-up help lead me to think that.

    Hitting the refresh button on a meta point triggers a script execution.

    Where is this button? This might have potential.


  • You can find the button on the data point details page, next to the current value.

    There is also the /rest/v1/runtime-manager/force-refresh/{xid} REST endpoint (which is what that button is calling).

    Then there is the RuntimeManager context object in scripts, which also has a function to trigger a refresh of a data point (or even a data source) if supported, like so:

    RuntimeManager.refreshDataPoint("DP_XID"); //.refreshDataSource("DS_XID")