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Creating files in filestore from Excel post process script

  • Hey, this may seem like a crazy idea but I've reasoned it :)
    Hypothetical question, would it be possible to manipulate the contents of a file from an excel post process script? My excel report currently generates a pretty big report and based on that report I'd like to be able to pull some data out and dump it into individual CSV or Excel files.


  • Hi psysak,

    It is of course possible! CSV would be easier than Excel, since CSV is so akin to text. Something like,

    var outputFile = new"/path/to/outputFile");
    var writer = null;
    try {
      writer = new outputFile, false /* append */);
      writer.write("This is a string of output!\n");
    } catch(error) {
      throw error;
    if(writer !== null)

  • As always, thank you sir

  • Certainly! It probably would have been a better answer has I used,

    var outputFile = new"/path/to/Mango/filestore/filestoreName/outputFile")


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