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Mango Demo License Trend Pointvalues Table(MYSQL)

  • 0_1555428575526_datalog.jpg

    I Installed Demo version of Mango, I added sample 3 nos of Bacnet Datapoints, Points show History, But I couldn't able to see Trend Graph.

    I couldn't able to see any data updation in mysql database on Pointvalues table

    Is it depends on License or Am I missing something?

  • Hi KLN, welcome to the forum!

    You have the MangoNoSQL module installed. This module switches the storage for the point values from an SQL table to a faster and more scalable time-series oriented data storage. Using the SQL table, you would find the need to purge old values (and not just to keep the disk from running out) regularly. The NoSQL module also switches the storage engine for the Reports (not Excel Reports) module, and supplies a time-series JSON store associated to points via the API.

  • Hi phildunlap,

    Thanks for your response, Is it possible to switch back from NOSQL to MYSQL, Because we have some requirement to customize some reports using PHP , to do that we need datas in MYSQL, is it possible to store datas on MYSQL pointvalues table?

  • Yes, you can simply uninstall the NoSQL module on the modules page. There is not a convenient method to transfer the existing data from the NoSQL database to the MySQL table (although there is for the other direction).

    However, I would implore you to consider using the REST API to query for point values from your PHP script instead of querying the database. The performance benefits and ability to store lots of data is generally significant, except for small projects. See and

  • Hi,

    Thanks for your reply, Let me follow your instruction and revert back.

  • Hi phildunlap,

    Thanks for your input for changing pointvalue storage from No sql to MYSQL,we are familiar in MYSQL-PHP , and we have some customized reporting application developed and ready to use, so at present we need Bacnet data on MYSQL,
    Any way thanks for your input.

  • Hi KLN

    Please, can you confirm that the NoSQL module has been deleted?
    Please paste you ma.log file here when you start via cmd prompt.

  • Hi,
    0_1555495209374_Mango No SQL.png

    Please refer attachment, I highlighted in RED color in Search Box in Firefox, I couldn't able to find NoSQL Module, It is deleted.

  • @CraigWeb , I'm not sure he was suggesting that it didn't work, but justifying using MySQL for the point value store.

    I will tell you now KLN, should your table get into the millions of values (which actually depends on your system, for sure) you may begin to see the advantages of the NoSQL store! There are also statistics offered through the API, but that would be the same whether you did or didn't use the NoSQL database.

  • @CraigWeb
    Every month 1st we rename existing table with suffix and create new pointvalues table. We did similar practice in older version of mango.

    We will study and try noSQL.