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  • Hi Dears,
    This data point which clear in image below have a value = " fire found " , but in fact in our company the fire not occurs , can you explain to me why this point and other points take the wrong value then return to the correct value = "no fire" ?


  • Hi @support-jo

    We will need more information to have any idea what is going on.
    What kind of data source does the point belong to?
    Could the sensor give a false alarm?
    There is no reason why a point would just change the value for no reason.

  • this is data source

    0_1555408418261_data source.PNG

    and this is data point

    0_1555408531397_data point.PNG


  • Hi support-jo, welcome to the forum!

    It does not appear that you've been monitoring this device for very long, only a few hours. Might it have supplied a false positive in one poll? I do not believe it's likely it would be a transmission error in the serial line, but it could be. I am certain that Mango only processed what it was given, whether that was the serial bus or controller (or maybe someone imported an artificial value)?

    You could increase the duration of the state detector for Fire_Found to last a few polls if the sensor reports brief false positives. Or figure out why the sensor would have alleged there to have been fire.

  • Hi ,
    No I monitoring this device every day but yesterday I was deleted all logs in mango.
    Take a look at these emails containing a notice that comes from the mango.

    3_1555493391172_5.PNG 2_1555493391171_3.PNG 1_1555493391171_2.PNG 0_1555493391170_1.PNG

    and look today have a point value ( fire found )




  • See if you get poll times that align with the occasions that the value has been Fire_Found and share them. It is really odd that it is that value for 1/10th of a second.

  • please I want to solve this problem if you have another solution's tell me !! because I can't look back to monitor poll time which align with value .

  • 1/10 of a second? It looks like it's there for 10 seconds, and you're polling every second. That sounds like the issue is with the device or the sensor, not Mango.

    No I monitoring this device every day but yesterday I was deleted all logs in mango.

    Every day for how long?

    I've already offered the solution of using a duration on the event detector (although who wants a delayed fire alarm? But, who wants a false fire alarm?). Past that, I think you need to investigate the sensor. Maybe it's losing its radioactivity and getting faulty? Maybe somebody is smoking out the window?

  • Every day for how long? 2 month .
    The sensor does not ring this evidence that there is no fire, but the data point value is change to wrong value then return to correct value . And our company prevent smoking indoors .

    " Maybe it's losing its radioactivity and getting faulty? " .... Can you tell me what you mean more clearly !!!

  • I'm not sure how your smart smoke detector is working, maybe it has a delay before it rings the alarm? Lots of smoke detectors work by having some radioactive Americium ionizing air, see:

    At some point they run out. It was an side comment that smoke detectors are both imperfect and fail eventually. Some laser based smoke detectors can be easily fooled by sufficient dust in the air!