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Importing Modbus I/P Data sources from 2.88 to 3.5

  • I am copying modbus I/P data sources from our 2.8.8 cloud server to a local 3.5 cloud server. With some DS the JSON import works fine and they begin polling immediately but with several the DS reports No route to host (Host unreachable)) when I try to read a register.
    What should I look for to correct this issue with these data sources. They are all coming from the same machine and all working on the 2.8.8 box.

  • Hi Phillip,

    Is it an IP that you're polling? Did the network schema change such that it resolves that host to be somewhere else on the network? For instance, AWS instances can communicate more effectively using the intra-availability zone IP addresses, but that is not accessible outside of that zone and you would see this message.

    If it's a domain name, you could see what DNS servers are being used. But, I wouldn't think that it would be, since generally there're redundant routes around the internet.