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  • Hy,
    I'm trying to publish some data from one instance of mango 2.8.8 to another instance of mango 2.8.8
    I tried this some month ago, but now I forgot how to set the publisher,
    infact seems to be available just the receiver,


    How can I set the host for the publisher?
    I can't find the path to the following web page taken from another post on this forum


    Thanks for your help,

  • Hi @etantonio

    The host setting of the publisher will be the IP address or domain name of the instance you want to publish to.
    The publisher will need to to the data source(receiver) on the same port that the data source is listening to.
    The authorization keys will also need to be the same.

  • Yes, I know this,
    In fact I want to set this value, but I don't know how to arrive to that web page where I can insert the host, I can only reach this page
    where is not possible to set the Host

  • I see apologies for not reading the first post correctly.
    it is the icon next to the mailing list

  • Thanks,
    I was looking for it in the datasource menu,
    thanks again