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  • 1 I am really new to mango
    2 I setup mango in my PC(win10)
    3 I can see some datasource(mango internal data)
    4 I want to configure my own data points, but I haven't purchased hardware yet. Can I configure my own data points? Or is there any data source that does not require hardware?
    5 I dont know how to learn next
    6 I am in China, some reason make me can not stay here for a long time. In case , this is my e-mail [removed by phildunlap]

  • 7 forget to remind, where is DOC(guidance step by step) about mango?
    8 In my mother language, this topic content is “我刚刚接触芒果,我在win10安装了芒果,也能在芒果系统中看到默认的几个芒果内置的数据点,我想配置自己的数据点,我还没有购买硬件,有没有办法配置自己的数据点。如何继续学习使用芒果,我在中国,官网上的教学视频没有文档对我的帮助大,但是我找不到文档在哪。”

  • Hi @cuihe

    Welcome to the forum. There are a number of help topics and videos on the help website

    You can use the virtual data source to create points if you would like to experiment with no hardware.

  • Hi cuihe,

    As Craig suggested, the virtual data source does not require anything to interact with to get data.

    Mango can also use several of its data sources and features to connect back to itself, such as publishing virtual points through a Modbus publisher, and then polling localhost via a Modbus IP data source. The same works for the HTTP publisher and data source. The data file data source is extremely flexible, and requires writing some code to get data rather than interfacing with a device.

    I dont know how to learn next

    Mango can do a lot of things, it's often easier to approach it by attempting to do something with it than just to understand it. But, reading all the help inside Mango and at the help page Craig has linked to can help you to learn it.

    I edited out your email. You should automatically get notifications when people reply to this thread.

  • thank you all!
    I implemented the configuration of virtual data sources. this make me happy!

    these website help me a lot(Although my internet speed is not very good)