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  • Heya,

    I am starting to build up a long list of property templates that I have made and now I am looking to delete some of the obsolete templates. Is there any facility for deleting templates? I have poked around the app and have yet been able to find any method for deleting templates.

    Is there a way to delete elements (templates, points, data sources, etc) using JsonEmport that I may have missed?


  • I think as far as templates go, your best means would be via the swagger API interface...

  • Fox's suggestion is a good one! The other way would be manually removing them via the SQL console. You can select * from templates; to check it out and there is a templateId column in the dataPoints table.

  • Good to know, I half assumed it was stored in the json store and thus meant you couldn't just remove them like a SQL entry.

  • Thanks Matt, Phil... I will check out the swagger API interface. I will dive into the SQL queries too as I haven't looked at how the data is organized/stored yet.