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Event type must have a detectorXID

  • I exported the event handler JSON to make some changes and after importing the changes I was thrown a couple of these errors.

    Event handler 'EH_964391': Event type must have a 'detectorXID'

    The exported JSON shows "detectorXID":null

    It even shows me the e-mail lists and it says it is not disabled.

    The GUI, however, doesn't show that I have any e-mail set up for the even that would trigger it.

  • So upon further investigation it looks like these may have been changed over time or something? I'm not really sure, but it looks like each, expect for 1 or 2, of the ones that complained about the detectorXID have a near identical event handler set up that is valid and functional.

    I'm going to go ahead and delete them via the API.

  • Hi Xof1986,

    Can you email in or post the JSON for one of the event detectors that produced that message?

  • Sure!


    I did already blow them out of the system, I just happen to have a bad tab habit so it was still in Np++.