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How to get data from java application ?

  • Hi ,

    This is Preeti from India .
    I have installed Mango on my machine . I have a simple java application running on another machine which is a client server program ( in Eclipse) which retrieves CPU details . I want to get output of this program in Mango which I installed on my machine . I click on 'datasource' , in 'Remote IP white list ' I mention the ip address of machine which runs this java application and I click on ' Listen for HTTP data ' . But I see no output .
    Can anyone tell me what I should do in order to receive the output of java application in Mango on my machine ?

    Many Thanks ,

  • The HTTP Receiver data source has specific requirements regarding the formatting of incoming requests. Check the data source's documentation.

  • Yeah . I understand that there is certain format to be followed while delivering the request . I have read the documentation on Http receiver listener .

    I am following the ' Testing with HTTP receiver listener ' from the Http Receiver Listener datasource help documentation .

    When I mention ... in Remote IP white list and * in device id white list and click on Listen for HTTP data in HTTP receiver listener box , I still see no output . I should see the sites I have opened and stuff . But I can see nothing . Can you please tell me what is going wrong ?

  • I should see the sites I have opened and stuff

    I'm not sure what you mean by that. Once the listener is started your client needs to actively send requests to Mango.

  • I was thinking , if I open several sites and then if i start HTTP Receiver Listener then the listener box should show the sites I am currently browsing as per ' Testing with the HTTP receiver listener ' documentation . But I see no data in the listener box . I have now figured out HTTP Receiver datasource " listens " data only when it is send in prescribed ( as prescribed in documentation format .
    Do you know any application which sends HTTP data in Mango's HTTP Receiver specific format ? It will be helpful for me for quick testing and also I can build my application to send data in that format .
    Any help ?

  • Well, there's Mango... The HTTP publisher sends data in the format required for the data source. Also, as per the examples, you can use a browser to send test data to ensure receipt.

  • Thanks .

  • I am using Publisher feature on my machine . In HTTP sender properties I mention the GET method , in the URL , I mention the ip address of the machine where I am sending the data . In static parameters I mention key value as a and 10 resp . Then I click on ' send static parameters ' . I see the message ' ERROR: Connection refused: connect ' .
    The machine where I am publishing this data, I configure HTTP Receiver datasource and give ip address of my machine from where I am using Publisher feature .
    From the error message I think it is port problem . Are the ports where Mango publishes information hard-coded in some file ? I would like to see that file so that I can change the ports where it is publishing data ; in case those ports are blocked to receiving machine as per company policies

  • To specify a port, just add it to the url. E.g.:


  • Thanks Matthew .
    I am using Publisher feature from one Mango instance running on my machine to send some static data ( a = 10) to another Mango instance using HTTP Receiver datasource running on my machine . Here both the publisher and receiver are on same ip address.

    In HTTP sender properties I mention http://<ip address>:port/test/httpds . On HTTP Receiver side on clicking HTTP Receiver Listener I can see :
    Source : ip address
    Device id :
    Time :
    a= 10
    b=10 .

    I want the same data in tabular format ( a jsp file) . How can I do it ?
    I can very well write a jsp page , but where in source code should I plug this page ? Also , data is received at httpds . Where is this httpds in source code ? Can I get it and simply put my jsp in its place ?