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  • This might be a stupid question but what's the best way to edit the value of custom tags? I have a bunch of points, all of which have tag called "Tenant_Name" and I want to assign a different value to each point. I know the bulk edit tool exists but it's a pain for doing individual points.

  • Hi psysak,

    it's not a stupid question! But, it is a very hard question. "Best way," being largely personal. The bulk edit tool can empower you to disable all but the device name, the name, and the tag in question. Then editing a point is a matter of entering that point's tag value in the column header, checking the point's box, and hitting the start bulk edit button. Three actions to repeat, not so bad.

    Perhaps it's important to consider how you've structured the change you wish to make. If it's a simple mix, like maybe a JSON object of

    { "dataPointXid1": {
        "editTagKey": "newValue"

    It may be very simple to iterate over this object in a script and update the points via JsonEmport.

    It may also be that you've got intense Excel skills, in which case you could download a CSV for the points in question through the bulk editor, do the requisite Excel wizardry to alter the tags/interestedTagKey column to have the appropriate values, then reupload it.

    So the answer is we've provided a lot of ways to go about doing it. It's really just about what sort of method you find most suited to yourself, as all those would work.

  • @psysak This will be a lot easier in Mango 3.6, stay tuned.