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  • For lack of a better term, I'm curious if I can somehow specify in the PointValueQuery an offset as a parameter to the rollup. The situation is such that some data I have, which I need to sum over an hour, is stored as 15min time ending snapshots. This means that the actual hour sum is, for example, the sum of 1:15 + 1:30 + 1:45 + 2:00. In running the rollup SUM 1 HOUR query I find that it's actually doing 1:00 + 1:15 + 1:30 + 1:45. This makes sense but I kind of need it to consider an hour to be something like 1:15 to 2:14:59

  • Hmm in messing around with this today it appears that if I set the starttime parameter for the point query function with a 15min offset then the one hour SUMs are H:15 - H+1:15. Is this expected?

  • Hi psysak,

    I'm not sure what you mean. If you're using a rollup in the PointValueQuery, then you aren't being given a time with the value in the callback. If you've used a rollup of ALL then you would be presented with the entire statistics object for the period, which would have functions for both getPeriodStartTime() and getPeriodEndTime()

    As far as how the periods get determined, it is not like an Excel Report where the rollup of 1 hour will expand the queried period to a rollup boundary in time (so 60 minutes != 1 hour for rollup logic). Instead, periods will begin at the start time, and the last period will be smaller than the rollup period if the overall period doesn't evenly divide.

  • Hey @phildunlap I'm using ALL, 1 HOUR as my rollup parameters.

    So what I meant was that I had assumed that if I say "give me a 1 hour sum rollup" than no matter what Mango would be looking for start and end of an hour period, quantized to the top of an hour. This was my assumption. I suppose what I have found however, and what your alluding to, is that, using the PointValueQuery function, a one hour rollup starts based on whatever starting time I provide correct? So if I pass March 6 2019 02:34:00 to the function, a 1 hour rollup will be 02:34-03:34, 03:34-04:34 etc. Is that correct?

  • Yes. The only thing to add to be fully correct is that start times are inclusive, end times are exclusive (at the millisecond level).