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permission set and auto login

  • Hi, Sir:
    I am new for mango scada and trying to get familiar with it just because I think it is a very good product. I have installed V3.5 core in Win10 of my laptop and build up some virtual data to watch list for trail, and it running well, however I have a question in trying auto login feature on my smart phone with android os & chrome browser, I can only login via admin/admin which has super permission and should not suite for kiosk mode, and I follow the video step trying to set up an auto-login account but failed, cause there is no "view only" permission to choose, so I just think is there more pre-set procedure need to do in permission define, if so, how? Thanks!

  • Hi vincentlin,

    You create a new permission group by just adding it into the field with a comma separation like "user,viewonly" . You then need to give the viewonly permission to the data points you want that permission group to see.

    This video should help a bit more, it is based on the legacy UI but the information is still accurate.

  • @joelhaggar :
    Thanks! I got it~