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Errors with current Google Maps/ng-maps library

  • Heya,

    I am circling back in my development to using Google Maps for displaying the location of remote sensors and finding a couple new errors with the library. I originally thought it was an issue with my code but when I viewed the dev tools for the maps example in Mango, the same errors are in the console.


    1. InvalidValueError: setIcon: not a string; and no url property; and no path property

    A search for this error seems to indicate there was a possible update to the Google Maps API.

    A link in the above Stackoverflow page to Google's issue tracker indicates that the latest version of the Markers with label library is needed. Maybe this is in the latest ng-maps?

    1. TypeError: Cannot read property 'parentElement' of null

    This error occurs when creating info-windows in ng-maps. The info-window works (sorta) but the first time you click on the marker, and empty window appears. When you close the window and click again, the proper behaviour occurs. According to the github link, the behaviour has been fixed in a latest ng-maps library.


  • Sorry you are having a bit of trouble with it.

    The UI module is shipped with ngmap v1.18.4 and there is indeed a v1.18.5 available. Hopefully it will fix your issues, I'll get it into the next release.

  • No worries. I had a brief moment of panic that my new markup wasn't working when I had copied from a "working" version. heh

    I look forward to the next release.