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PointValue with question mark(?) register

  • Hi,
    I wrote a script to get a linux file size as the following json. It works fine with the script verification and realtime value showed in the DP Details screen. However no value is recorded in the history, only a question mark(?) is shown along with the timestamp. The weird thing is that the cached values showed in the datapoints details are displayed correctly as you can see in the screenshot above, but when I update the screen, the values became do a question mak again.

    What I am missing?

    Thanks in advance

    0_1549564033973_DP screenshot.JPG

             "name":"Tamanho arquivo H2",
                "script":"\/\/print(` du -s \/opt\/mango\/databases\/mah2.h2.db |awk '{print $1}'`);\nvar response =\"\/home\/aaguiar\/script\/\",5);\n\/\/print( response );\nvar valor = response.key;\nreturn valor*1",
                   "name":"Limite de 1GB alcançado no arquivo H2",
             "deviceName":"!!Teste de controle de registros",

  • Hi Ava2018,

    Is this a fairly new point? It looks like it's set to log on change, but all the record in the table seem like the same value? So, is there one record at the top of the point value time history? That would be because only the changed value was logged, but the polling updates would be pushed out to the open pages and update the most recent PointValueTime for the point's cache.

  • I think something on the very beggining of the scripting tests was recorded in the history and was tricking the new values. I copied the DP to a new fresh one, and it worked.