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  • Why there is gap in times in some of the data points in excel sheet?

    1_1548878532483_image2.png 0_1548878532481_Image1.png

    1_1548878538996_Image1.png 0_1548878538994_image2.png

  • Hi srashid,

    Are you using a rollup in that time period? If you are not, then the raw data is populating the cells and there is millisecond precision determining if a particular point had a value at a time. Note that your time column does not have any empty saves. If on a single point had a value at a particular millisecond, then the other points in the report that share that time range would have an empty cell for that row (if using NONE rollup).

    If you have used something like a "First" rollup that can be indicative of not having a value in the period. This is common even when the data source was polling the whole time for certain logging types, like 'When point value changes" which could produce long gaps between samples. For a definition of the rollups, see

    Rollups will automatically produce values at the same timestamp for the values in the time period that are subject to that rollup, which means they'll all go on the same row and there shouldn't be the blank spaces you are asking about.

  • @phildunlap Hi Phildunlop,

    I haven't set any rollup. Rollup is none