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Removing a Bacnet Object present value property

  • Matthew,

    I'm trying to publish sensor values via BACnet. There are occasions when I cannot contact the sensor and I want to remove the current value for the bacnet object.

    I had tried to remove the present value property of the bacnet object and an exception was promptly thrown. I traced this back to the fact that the present value property is required. Ok, so I looked at the other primitive data types and saw Null. So my next thought was to set the present value to a Null value however the BACnet code doesn't like that for analog inputs.

    Is there a concept of an input not having a present value in BACnet?

    As always, thanks for the help.


  • Hi Fred,

    The reliability property can be used to indicate such conditions.

  • Ah, I got it. Similar to the quality property in OPC.