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Problem with 1-wire measurements

  • Hi!
    I have a problem with Mango measurements. The computer want to update automatically and after that updating it restart again, but measurements do not work anymore. The whole 1-wire converter has been disappeared. (Attachment 1-wire view.) The computer's operating system is Ubuntu 9.10. Where could I start to hunt solution of the problem? Could you help me, please?


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  • What did it update? Java?

    Seems like the RXTX libs are no longer found. Go through the RXTX installation stuff on the download page.

  • Both RXTXcomm.jar and were there in the right place. I copied those again, but not any help. 1-wire view is still same. What should I do next? Ubuntu made automatic updating (n.35mb). I haven’t look that any better what that include.

  • Are you sure the same Java installation is being used?

  • Hi!
    Indeed Java was updated its latest version. All the files into right palace and now all works fine.