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  • Dear guys,

    I would like to use the PID controller datasource but cant seem to find the documentation about PID controller modes states.

    There is documentation about what modes exist within this datasource but no documentation about what exact values these should be in the multi-state point 'PID Controller System Modes'.

    Maybe someone can point me to the right direction... Also there seems to be an error with PID Point properties section of documentation as this points to SSH Point properties help not PID point...

    Using: MangoES
    Version: 3.5 latest


  • Hi Thomas,

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

    I had a look into it, and it appears that information was initially available in the text renderer of the multistate point, but it appears the Multistate_Default template is clobbering the multistate renderer on the mode point created by default. The SSH point help does indeed appear to have been copied into the PID point help, so that's not a linking error. I'll be sure that gets fixed.

    As for the mode values, here they are:

    OFF = -1;
    DISCOVERY = 0;
    TUNING = 1;
    RUNNING = 2;

  • I have fixed these things for the eventual 3.6 release!

  • Thanks @phildunlap with your fast support once again.