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Problem with folder structure

  • Hello:
    I am developing a tree structure with folders and sensors. I tried to define 4 folders at the same level with sensors each one, and then put this set under other folder, and then all this under one root folder. The structure is then, 3 levels deep.
    When tried to save, I obtained an error about hierarchy primary key violated. :shock: As it is expected, after that changes were lost.
    It is difficult to replicate, Is there any way to investigate the problem ?
    Any query to the database ? :?:
    Thanks in advance. :-)

  • Hi Roberto,

    Thanks for reporting the problem. After some further investigation we think we found a bug. Luckily, the fix is quite easy.

    Edit the file WEB-INF/jsp/pointHierarchy.jsp. At line 62 there is a function called "addFolder". Add the line as shown below:

        function addFolder(folder, parent) {
            var i;  // NEW LINE
            var folderNode = dojo.widget.createWidget("TreeNode", {
                    title: "<img /> "+,
                    isFolder: "true",
                    object: folder

    When you save the file and go to the page again, the page will be automatically recompiled, and you no longer should have the problem.

    Note that this fix has not been "proven", but we hope it will do the trick. Please let us know if it works.

    (Note, this fix applies to Mango version 0.9.2, and possibly some earlier versions)

  • Hi:

    The solution works partially, the folder icons doesn´t appear. :cry:


  • That is likely related to something else. Please try again and see if they appear now. If not, please make note of the icon URL.