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  • Has anyone had an issue when setting SSL to true in the file that Mango will not start? I have created a certificate using keytool and it is registered in the keystore when I list it. Mango path to the keystore file seems to be correct. Using port 8443 and no other service is using that port. Reboot does not fix it. I can set SSL to false and restart Mango and services return to normal. Any help or advice is appreciated.

  • Hi OldSmokey

    We cant help much if you do not provide any logs or error codes.

  • I've had more success using apache2 with letsEncrypt and an SSL proxy to make it all work.
    Also if you're going to use SSL in mango ensure you've got the ALPN extension enabled by copying it to [MANGODIR]/bin/extensions-enabled from [MANGODIR]/bin/extensions-available.

  • Ensure your keystore and key password are correct in the file. Like Craig says, please include your log file (ma.log).

    Also as @MattFox says once you do get it working you will probably want to enable ALPN, though this should not stop you from running HTTPS or starting Mango.

  • Hi OldSmokey,

    To add another possibility, ensure the user running Mango has permissions to read the keystore file at the operating system level. Logs would make it less of a guessing game, though.