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  • core - Version 3.5.1

    • Fix bug in Event Manager’s Event Listeners where listers were getting lost and not being removed when necessary
    • Fix bug where generic validation failure messages did not make it into the REST response
    • Relax requirement for email event handlers to have active/inactive/escalation recipients. If no recipients exist then no email is sent.
    • Fix backup work items race conditions in system settings listeners
    • Publishers now publish attribute changes if configured to during snapshot send
    • Fix bug in very narrow case where if an exception occurred in a streamed REST query, failing to close a result set could leave a database connection zombied
    • Fix bug in Module.webPath()
    • Fix for returning error messages when switching user
    • Add edit-ui-pages as a default permission for creating JSON data items
    • Fix synchronization issue in virtual server serial sockets.
    • Ensure Global Scripts are imported first so that Meta point and Scripting data sources that are imported at the same time can use the scripts
    • Allow emails event handlers to run without recipients to allow thier scripts to execute even though no email is sent
    • Fix bug where when only 1 User is logged in they recieve Audit and Do Not Log Events in the UI
    • Fix for NPE getting runtime context during startup