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Mango 3.5 API session token change

  • After upgrading to Mango 3.5, I discovered that the "MANGO8080" session token, which is documented at is no longer returned in the response.

    Instead, a longer token (something like '2-64cb74e4-2ca3-4ea3-aad4-7c36b813c4fb=node019x9glwhysk0q1wxmehnp0qgl6141.node0') is returned and required for subsequent API requests. I don't see any information about this in the release notes.

    Could you please provide clarity and confirmation regarding this change to the API authentication method?

  • I believe it's this item, as seen here.

    Use GUID as the default session cookie name

  • This was done to decrease the likelihood of having cookie conflicts when proxies are involved, and making sure that SSL secured cookies from one instance don't cause issues if accessing a Mango with the same host but the cookies haven't been cleared. It should function exactly like the old 'MANGO'+PORT cookie. We certainly encourage people to use Token authentication for their external API based tools, at this point (with Basic authentication being a third option).

  • @phildunlap Makes sense. Thanks for the clarification.