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  • Can I reset factory settings to a new mangoes. What should I do ?

    Thank you.

  • Hi Benaznbe

    If you mean starting your mango up with a new database. you can ssh into your mangoES and do the following

    1.Stop Mango. Mango/databases/mah2.h2.db Mango/databases/old-mah2.h2.db
    3.Start Mango on a clean database, login admin/admin

  • Hi benaznbe,

    CraigWeb's suggestion will get you started with a clean configuration, but it would put your Mango/databases/mangoTSDB at risk of having the old data purged or associated with the wrong, new points. To start Mango on a clean database, you could move the entire Mango/databases directory to Mango/old-databases or wherever, while Mango is off.

    What specifically prompted the question? What are you trying to reset? Something other than Mango?

  • I just received a MangoGT, and imported configuration data from a running Mango, and overwrote lots of system configuration I should not have overwritten. Is there a practical way to accomplish the equivalent of a "factory reset" and start over? And over? ;-)

    And part of the "oops" seems to have disabled ssh. Yeah, fun.


  • When you say imported configuration, how on earth did you manage to take down the ssh daemon?
    That's in the /etc directory!
    To my knowledge you may be in a pickle as the units come readily configured, the boot image is more for starting linux and loading the kernel into RAM etc..
    I'll have to leave this one to infinite.

  • I don't see how importing a config can disable ssh. What port are you using?

  • @craigweb said in MangoES Factory reset:

    I don't see how importing a config can disable ssh. What port are you using?

    My bad; I forgot to use port 2222 (thought I'd saved the configuration to match).

    So, one mystery solved: ssh is working fine (once I fixed client config).

    But still have all the system configurations overwritten. Is there a skeleton config file I can use to reset them? For example, all the directories are wrong.

    Now that I am in the system, I see the backups start after I overwrote the settings, so I don't have something to fall back on. (Suggestion for the future: include at least one config backup as shipped.)

    So again, I ask: Is a "factory default" config available?

    Thanks for your patience, and apologies for mistakes I where should have known better.

  • If you're referring to the or similar files. You're best to download the core module and extract the properties files out of it.

    So again, I ask: Is a "factory default" config available?

    It's called renaming your database directory to database.old then restarting mango. It'll create the new directories and files required to start a vanilla mango install.
    Then you can start from scratch again.

  • @mattfox said in MangoES Factory reset:

    If you're referring to the or similar files

    Nope, didn't break the files. ;-)

    “There are no perfect idiots — only some that come close.” — unknown

    Just wanted to reset the system configuration portion.

    I suppose I can do a clean reset as you suggested, and import just the configs I should import. I wanted to correct just the sections I regretted importing; but with a clean slate, I can have my "default" config file moving forward.

    For the record, I intend to re-configure this unit a few times as we explore it in different installations, so the ability to do a "Factory Reset" is a practical step for re-deploying units in general.

  • Hi Aldo

    Glad you were able to ssh into it. The mangoGT is running mango enterprise. So What you could have done is installed a fresh copy of Mango enterprise on your PC and then export the default configurations from that instance and import them into your MangoGT. I think that might be the best way forward as you try multiple configurations.

    I personally do not believe that there should be a one-click factory reset process as this could lead to a disaster. The process should be left to a system admin.

  • No, I agree it shouldn't be too easy; my concern was making sure it would restore the correct MangoES configuration, etc. That's the same concern I have with cloning the configuration from a fresh "Enterprise" install on a non-ES instance.

    But I have my "default" config file now, so I can move forward simply.