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SQL Datasource time override

  • Hi all,
    we are testing the SQL datasource (column-based query) to acquire continuosly data from a third party supervision systems; we need to use the "Time override column" in order to import into Mango database the correct timestamp of each sample.
    All works perfectly for all configured datapoints, except for a particular table in which the record's time is stored as BIGINT instead of TIMESTAMP (e.g. 20181001163900 instead of "2018-10-01 16:39:00").
    Is there a way to acquire this data with the their correct timestamp?


  • Hi Ste, welcome to the forum!

    Have you attempted it? The function getting the time (converting to an epoch timestamp) for points using the time override column looks like this currently:

        private long getTimeOverride(ResultSetMetaData meta, int column, ResultSet rs, long time) throws SQLException {
            switch (meta.getColumnType(column)) {
            case Types.BIGINT:
            case Types.LONGVARCHAR:
                return rs.getLong(column);
            case Types.DATE:
                return rs.getDate(column).getTime();
            case Types.TIME:
                return rs.getTime(column).getTime();
            case Types.TIMESTAMP:
                return rs.getTimestamp(column).getTime();
            raiseEvent(STATEMENT_EXCEPTION_EVENT, time, true, new TranslatableMessage("event.sql.dataTypeNotSupported",
                    meta.getColumnTypeName(column), meta.getColumnType(column)));
            return -1;

    If the dates are mistaken or it's not working quite as you expect you could try adding some convert function(s) into your select statement.

  • @phildunlap
    Hi Philip,
    convert functions into my select statement work!