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Duration in the format of W days X hours Y minutes Z seconds in Events page

  • Hi,

    I would like to know if it is possible to configure Mango so that the Duration field can be shown in the format of W:X:Y:Z (W days X hours Y minutes Z seconds) in the Events page.

    For example, instead of showing (1) a few seconds, (2) 16 hours, (3) 24 minutes, etc, it will show (1) 00:00:00:03, (2) 00:00:16:15, (3) 00:00:24:12.



  • Hi Ricardo,

    There is not a setting to modify how that duration is formatted currently.

    If one wanted to achieve something like this, they could create a modified, custom version of the <ma-events-table></ma-events-table> directive and modify the Moment.js function invoked on the duration in the durationFilter.js from 'humanize' at to a function that results in the format you seek. Then you could use this modified directive (you'd have to give it a different name) on custom pages.