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SVG ma-selector change text within SVG

  • I am trying to change the text within an SVG image. I am able to target the text using ma-selector and I can change its style like its fill color. I tried changing the text using ng-value but that did not work. Any ideas?

    <ma-svg ng-include="'/modules/mangoUI/web/dev/img/Bar_Gauge_Acc.svg'" style="width: 150px">
          <div ma-selector="#Axis" style="fill: red;" ng-value="'string'"></div>

  • Hi jramirez, welcome to the forum!

    I took the SVG for this answer from,

    And modified it to (giving the Grumpy text element an ID),

    <svg viewBox="0 0 240 80" xmlns="">
        .small { font: italic 13px sans-serif; }
        .heavy { font: bold 30px sans-serif; }
        /* Note that the color of the text is set with the    *
         * fill property, the color property is for HTML only */
        .Rrrrr { font: italic 40px serif; fill: red; }
      <text x="20" y="35" class="small">My</text>
      <text x="40" y="35" class="heavy">cat</text>
      <text x="55" y="55" class="small">is</text>
      <text id="grump" x="65" y="55" class="Rrrrr"></text>

    which after placing it at Mango/web/test.svg enabled me to do,

    <ma-svg ng-include="'/test.svg'" style="width: 150px">
          <div ma-selector="#grump" ng-bind="textInput"></div>
    <input type="text" ng-model="textInput" ng-init="textInput='Grumpy!'"></input>

    Which I believe is what you are seeking.

  • @phildunlap Thanks that works, but what if I just wanted to change it to a constant value without needing to use the input tag??

  • The ng-bind as the property modified by the ma-selector is the critical part. If you assign something to that variable from whatever means it should work, such as

    <ma-svg ng-init="textInput='Grumpy!'" ng-include="'/test.svg'" style="width: 150px">
          <div ma-selector="#grump" ng-bind="textInput"></div>

    Edit: If you find yourself running into scope issues (although my examples should work), you may find Jared's tip at the end of this thread useful:

  • @phildunlap Great that works! Thank you very much