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Excel report generating incongruent values

  • I have successfully created an excel report however one device (VELO409) is reporting 7 X larger sum than is shown in the point detail window... I cannot find any reason for this one point to be incorrect. I have removed and recreated the point and the associated named range with no change.

    Start: 2018/05/31 18:32
    End: 2018/08/28 10:18
    Minimum: 0 kW·hrs @ May 31 18:32
    Maximum: 0.07 kW·hrs @ Jul 27 04:41
    Average: 0.01 kW·hrs
    Integral: 109084.5 s
    Sum: 847.7 kW·hrs
    Log entries: 54767

    I and nothing ODD about the config..


    It should be reporting 848 but reports 6605.. Any ideas how to find the issue or where to look? I have poured through the excel input file and cannot find any discrepancies or mistakes with the named ranges, everything looks correct.

  • I believe the error must be in the input file because I removed 409 completely and 409 values still got populated.. I will recreate the input file next.

    I removed the range and recreated it and now get and error when running

    "Cannot get a NUMERIC value from a STRING formula cell"

    Don't know where this is coming from because all the cells are formatted as numeric