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  • In our current system we have 3 categories for Alarms as follows:
    1.Simple Alarm - display and reset automatically (exist with MangoEs - as information, warning) and with reset / auto reset when certain value occur.
    2. Advance Alarm - will require to acknowledge (exist with MangoEs)
    3. Extended Alarm - will stay even the alarm return to normal but require the user to execute reset to enable the system to function again (does not exist with MangoEs- mainly we use this for Critical, safety and urgent alarm type) .

  • The logic that prevents the system from running again would be in a function block on the PLC. It would not be good practice for the SCADA to prevent a system from running. You could use a event handler to set that "Fault " bit, and then make a reset buttonon your dashboard to reset that bit.

  • Why cant you make for an example a meta datapoint which has 2 binary points one which is set true through an event and another through user execution after which this meta datapoint will leave "alarm state" and system can continue after the issue has been resolved? >> i.e both points are true


  • These Alarm categories are actually builtin in the BACnet Controller and I think it is practical to leave it in the controller and just influence the bits beside most of the control logic are locally defined in the controller. CraigWeb suggestion is logical, thanks