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Alarm Handling in Graphic Designer

  • 0_1534421971302_graphicdesigner.PNG

    I completed converting our graphics elements in GIF and imported to MangoES and shown above I created a demo AHU for a project and found out latter that I have to go now and then to events to check and acknowledge all alarm that may appear in the GUI page. It would be better to have to have an individual alarm acknowledgement as additional to the pop-up beside (datapoints details, quick view chart, +Alarm acknowledgement), mean I don't have to go back and forth between events and GUI.

  • Hi @Joey-Uson

    Thats not such a bad Idea actually. Something you could do now though is add a
    <ma-events-table event-type="eventType" alarm-level="alarmLevel" acknowledged="acknowledged" event-id="eventId" active-status="activeStatus" limit="10" sort="'-alarmLevel'"></ma-events-table>
    To the bottom of the page.