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  • Hi All,

    I've asked a similar question before but we're still having some trouble understanding the best way to create a serial chart for the past 12 hours.

    What we are doing now works BUT, if you graph "too many" points (one of our dashboard pages has 7 points across two graphs), the page loads very slow and crashes frequently. I believe the way we are doing it now is not the best way, so I'm hoping for some advice.

    Is there a more efficient way to achieve what we want?

    This is a small sample of what we are doing now:

    <!-- We only want to obtain last 12 hours of data, so use Angular Moment Library to do figure out what last 12 hours are-->
    <ma-now update-interval="1 minutes" output="to"></ma-now>
    <ma-calc input="to | maMoment:'subtract':12:'hours'" output="from"></ma-calc>
    <!-- Get last 12 hour of flow, suction, and output pressure data, averaged over 1 minute -->
        rollup-interval="1 minutes">

    Here's the dasboard:

    Some further info:


  • Your code looks good to me.

    @rshah said in Difficulty Graphing for custom date / time range:

    the page loads very slow

    How slow is "very slow"? What else is on the page? Are you using the Mango TSDB?

    @rshah said in Difficulty Graphing for custom date / time range:

    crashes frequently.

    I'm guessing if you run the profiler for more than a minute you will see a spike in activity every minute, how long does it take to stabilize? Maybe take a longer profile, save it and send it to me (PM me a dropbox/google drive etc link).

  • @jared-wiltshire said in Difficulty Graphing for custom date / time range:

    How slow is "very slow"? What else is on the page? Are you using the Mango TSDB?

    I guess slow is relative to our other pages, this one is about 4second load time vs the rest which are <1s

    Nothing else on the page except what is in the screenshot above

    Not sure what Mango TSDB is

    Link PMd, thanks!


  • The Mango TSDB also know as the Mango NoSQL Database is our Time Series Database that comes with our commercial installations. You can check under Administration > Modules and look for it there. 0_1532038699380_ed280982-fbdf-4652-ab29-658a2f8ef4ec-image.png

    You can learn more about it here:

  • Looks like we are using it:


  • Hi @Jared-Wiltshire

    Just want to confirm you rec'd the PM with the chrome profiler?



  • @rshah Yes, sorry busy week.

  • No problem!

    Here's another screenshot which might give you some ideas as well -- left the dashboard open on my PC overnight and it crashed -- it crashes much faster on our display PCs, but they do have fairly good specs.