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Release Notes for mangoUI 3.4.6

  • mangoUI - Version 3.4.6

    • Fix bug when editing menu folder containing children
    • Separate setting in menu editor that controls if the menu item is a folder
    • Better progress feedback while upgrading modules
    • Display a banner that shows the number of available upgrades
    • Load AngularJS locales from the module rather than from CDN
    • Lazily load some vendor libraries (Ace editor and amCharts) for faster load times
    • Add maFindByTags and maFilterByTags filters to make it easier to find/filter points by tags
    • Fix ma-now directive not outputting timezone
    • Ensure amCharts are destroyed correctly
    • Correctly focus inputs on login screen
    • Show username and the time that an event was acknowledged on events table
    • Fix text color of active event dropdown menu
    • Enable anchor scrolling using the hash component of the URL
    • Use AngularJS material v1.1.1
    • Various other small improvements and bugfixes

  • Having Lots of issues with my menu items after doing this patch. have tried to redo all my menu items, They work for awhile and then the next time I log in i get a path not found error.