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  • How to I do to link two page hash tag to id?
    In page 1 want to use <a ng-href="page2{{'#p2'}}>Link</a>" link to page 2 <div id="p2">.....</div>
    but it just link to page 2 top. Not working link to hash tag id p2. How to fix it ?

  • Hi sean,

    Whoa! I'm surprised it would link to page 2 at all, those quote marks don't seem quite right. I'm not sure what you're trying to achieve with the {{ }} since that appears to be a string literal inside it, no? Are you looking for <a href="page2#p2">Link</a> ?

  • It most likely will not work regardless. The contents of the UI pages are loaded lazily after the main page loads and the browser will not find the element with the id set on it.

  • That's right. like Jared say.
    Maybe we should know how to link delay before web loading finish to go hash tag ?

  • I'm not sure what the question is @sean . If you want to implement something your self you can use a user module.