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  • Hey, I searched and I think I know the answer (no) but I thought I would ask. I've been asked to generate a custom CSV once a day based on point data. Basically just export some point name, value and timestamp. Is that possible right now? I just want it stored on the local drive because then I'll FTP it out.

  • Far be it from me to say it can't be done!

    One straightforward way for complete control is to just write out to a file from a scripting environment:

    var fileOutputStream = null;
    try {
      fileOutputStream = new new"/path/to/output/file.csv"), false );
      var writer = new;
      for(var k = 0; k < valuesList.length; k+=1) {
        writer.println("Your constructed CSV line here.");
    } finally {
      if(fileOutputStream != null)

    It may also be possible to use an excel report and trigger a process event handler to run some other program that converts Excel to CSV (such a thing must exist...). Stack exchange suggests open office may have you covered:

  • Another option would be to use cron and curl to grab the a CSV file from the REST API (use an auth token). This wont allow you to do a custom format but I think we already pretty much have the format you are asking for. Try downloading the CSV file using the download button on a watch list and let me know if its suitable.

  • You guys are awesome :)
    Thank you