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  • How are data points broadcasted over BACnet IP in mango v 2.8? We are aware that values may be exposed over BACnet via the BACnet Publisher on the /publishers.shtm page. However the only option we have is Modbus Publisher. Is there something in our publisher settings we need to configure in order to have the BACnet Publisher?
    0_1528815878897_modbus publisher.PNG

  • Hi gquiroz, welcome to the forum!

    Can you confirm that you have the BACnet module installed on your /modules.shtm page? Also, I am certain you are not on the latest 2.8 release as the copyright date would be different. But, so long as you're on 2.8 there should be a BACnet publisher in that list if you have the module installed.

  • Hi Phillip,

    you are correct, the version we have for this instance is actually core 2.7.12
    On the modules.shtm page I don't see a BACnet publisher on the list. Would we have to upgrade the version in order to get the BACnet publisher? The options I have are:

    • Dashboards 3.2.2
    • dataFile 1.1.2- paid
    • dataPointDetailsView 1.0.5 - paid
    • excelReports 1.0.6 - free
    • graphicalviews 1.6.7 - free
    • mangoApi 1.1.7 - paid
    • modbus 1.6.5 - paid
    • pointLinks 1.5.5 - Free
    • reports 2.2.3 - Free
    • scheduledEvents 1.5.2 - Free
    • sstGraphics 1.1.1 - Free
      watchlist 1.7.4 -Free

  • You just need to install the BACnet module. You can download it from or use the modules page to download it in the course of updating to 2.8.8

  • Thanks, Phillip! The module has been downloaded and the zip file has been extracted. Where are the files placed in order to add the module?
    Are these the correct instructions to upgrade to 2.8:

  • If you were only installing the module, you should simply place the zip for the module (still zipped) into Mango/web/modules/ and then restart Mango to have it get installed. The standard update instructions would apply to doing the core update, yes. I would advise using the module page to upgrade from 2.7.12 to 2.8.8, though.

  • It worked perfectly! The module is working now. Thank you.