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Anonymous access to tabular data

  • Hi,

    I'm looking for a way to give anonymous access to Mango data, including tabular data like in a report. The goal is to allow anonymous users to copy/paste (or download) data into a third-party application (a spreadsheet for example).

    I know that I can include a graphical view in an iframe, or build a custom view using jsp and tags. But they can only display current data or historical charts. I would like to display a table of time-value pairs for a given time interval, or give the ability to export a spreadsheet file. Is there an appropriate component or tag for that ?
    This can be achieved by a report, but they can't run anonymously. Or can they ? An admin can also directly access the system database using SQL, but no way for an anonymous user. Is there another possibility ?


  • Your only option is to build it yourself, but you can leverage the existing infrastructure. E.g. you could create a JSP, register it in the Spring dispatcher, and optionally write a controller class to handle page element. That would be the most basic approach. Or you could write a front end to the reports if you wanted to leverage that.

  • If I write a front end to the reports, will it be possible to run it anonymously ?

  • Yes, you just need to set it up so. Check out how the login page is done (i.e. publicly accessible).