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  • I'd like to control remote devices that use SMS - cell phone short messages - as the primary way to communicate.
    Any ideas on how can this be implemented?
    thanks, and keep up the good work!

  • There seem to be a lot of libraries and such out there. Can you provide some details about what you want to do? Hardware/software restrictions, overall requirements, etc.

  • thanks for the quick reply M@.

    Here you can see the device:

    I think your software would be a great tool to control/monitor a network of these products.

    It has an embedded web server, but dynamic IP addresses (in the GSM network) would complicate things.

    A SMS datasource for R/W could easily be the solution.

  • Have you tried using the POP3 data source? There are plenty of services around that convert between email and SMS, at least in Canada.

  • That's an idea. Due to cost issues, maybe its better to run the gateway (email/SMS) in the same server as Mango, adding a local GSM modem.
    Or create a datasource to use AT commands to talk to the modem...

  • i've hacked in sending alarm messages via SMS if you are interested in that patch, but no support for incoming SMS.

  • Sure. Thanks. Send it over.

  • with the SQL datasource, one could use a small gateway to read SMS from the modem and save the msg in a MySQL table, and read outgoing msg from a table and send the SMS...

  • Another possibility could perhaps be to use the http publisher with some voip account or SMS gateway provider. The Betamax voip family (voipbuster etc.) have an http api with which you can send your SMS message using GET variables. Usually the SMS rates are better (at least in Europe) than with a normal GSM subscription.