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  • Hi!

    As for the OS, Mango has been updated to the latest (free version) and chrome version is 60.

    I have been playing around with new mango and noticed some strange behaviour in the dashboard module.

    Some backstory:
    I have created a user with a new permissions tag 'demouser', added read-only data point permissions in legacy so that the user with this tag can read the points as it was previously in Mango 2.x. This works fine so I can be sure that the tag 'demouser' is working in Mango as intended because datapoint permissions are working fine.

    While building new pages within the new UI module, (I read somewhere in the forums that you suggested to use them instead of admin page template to keep mango up to date) I have noticed a problem with edit menu section.

    I changed the 'UI — Menu & toolbar' permissions so that the tag 'demouser' can also use this path as seen in the screenshot below. My guess is that this is a directive so that I could use the new date toolbar and the left menu within the new UI for the user. Correct me if I am wrong as I have not gone through the videos.


    So I went on to create a new folder within the new UI folder. Created a new folder within it. Lets call it 'DemoFolder' also adding a permission 'demouser' so that the user could see the folder in the menu.


    Also pressing save within the Edit Menu page to save the folder for the module.

    Now I have created a custom page and I will add this to the demo folder with also permission 'demouser'. like this: 0_1507099689946_68b6698f-2e1f-4f88-b019-27583e9da885-image.png

    After clicking save and saving also the hierarchy within the edit menu page I should see the new folder/page if I log in with the demouser as I can see the page poppin up for the admin user. But instead by logging into demouser I cannot see the page.

    Also by looking into console i can see that the permissions are not set for the demouser. note: 0_1507099938344_cb0d05d3-7359-4aab-ac51-cc40d6398cd0-image.png

    I cant seem to grasp what is the problem here as all the settings are set. I tried using the 'user' tag for the permissions and this works fine without problems and the permissions are working as intended. My question is why does mango not like new permissions tags for the new UI.

    Also worth noting as I was building the pages I noticed that sometimes my page / folder just disappeared from the module after saving the hierarchy. After several times I was losing my mind because I was sure that I did not delete it.

    After little testing I can say that I can reproduce this 100 %. Just add a new page/ folder and start clicking on the save button in the 'Edit Menu' page. This will reproduce the disappearance after several clicks. Sometimes it happens just by saving once. I guess after saving, it has not loaded the current saved pages and will save the usual pages and that triggers deletion of your page as Mango has not loaded them for the current save.


  • Hi Thomas, Your user needs to also have the "user" permission and then you will see your menu. If there are items on the menu you don't want this user to see, edit the menu items and remove the "user" permission or add in a "superadmin" permission. That should give you what you want.