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adjusting event detector thresholds via dashboard

  • Hi @JoelHaggar, @phildunlap
    Thanks for the help...

    Joel, we'd be looking to implement as soon as the feature was available :)
    If its not too much trouble, please let me know when this is ready for testing - I'd be happy to test this ahead of a production release!

    As for permissions, if you did have the ability to permit changes to event detectors separate to data points, that would give some extra security and protection from users, but it would probably be fine to give them edit permission to the data point.

    Phil, this sounds like it might be an option for us in the event that our customer requires us to have this implemented before the work Joel talks about is ready.


  • I concur, I will require this ability myself for custom alarms set by individual users for datapoints reaching certain values. Please do keep us updated.

  • Hello again gentlemen,
    Just following up on this development. Is there any further news regarding release time? Also, how do I enable the event detector api? Am running mango 3.2.2 and I cannot see the option in the swagger/index API list.


  • Hello Mr. Fox,

    Is it possible you have the entry


    when you could perhaps have


    ? I believe an update on other things event detector related will be forthcoming.

  • That did the trick! Many thanks Mr Dunlap!

  • I definitely have adding a component to modify the event detectors on my list!

  • @MattFox @shaun

    There's now a component for getting and saving event detectors - <ma-point-event-detector>.
    Here's an example of how to use it.

    <ma-watch-list-get ng-model="designer.watchList" parameters="designer.parameters" on-points-change="designer.points = $points" id="5ea22e95-d861-4b05-ae99-0a50106bc47b" watch-list-xid="WL_ac76beaa-10f4-40f0-b714-d0fda1c1e801"></ma-watch-list-get>
    <div class="ma-designer-root" id="db465455-2b87-4245-af82-86e1bb7b0434" style="width: 1366px; height: 768px; position: relative;">
        <ma-point-value id="349d93d6-89ed-4c42-9e14-784e1e64263b" enable-popup="hide" style="position: absolute; left: 277.453px; top: 162px;" point="designer.points | filter:{name:'Voltage'}:true | maFirst"></ma-point-value>
        <ma-point-event-detector point="designer.points | filter:{name:'Voltage'}:true | maFirst" detector-type="LOW_LIMIT" alarm-level="CRITICAL" detector="criticalLowDetector"></ma-point-event-detector>
        <ma-point-event-detector point="designer.points | filter:{name:'Voltage'}:true | maFirst" detector-type="LOW_LIMIT" alarm-level="WARNING" detector="warningLowDetector"></ma-point-event-detector>
        <ma-point-event-detector point="designer.points | filter:{name:'Voltage'}:true | maFirst" detector-type="HIGH_LIMIT" alarm-level="WARNING" detector="warningHighDetector"></ma-point-event-detector>
        <ma-point-event-detector point="designer.points | filter:{name:'Voltage'}:true | maFirst" detector-type="HIGH_LIMIT" alarm-level="CRITICAL" detector="criticalHighDetector"></ma-point-event-detector>
        <md-input-container id="207b9fc3-d8d9-457d-b667-cc02c347f854" style="position: absolute; left: 77px; top: 110px;">
            <label>Critical low level</label>
            <input type="number" ng-model-options="{debounce: 1000}" ng-model="criticalLowDetector.limit" ng-change="criticalLowDetector.saveAndNotify();">
        <md-input-container id="5ad3a950-d19f-4879-aed4-5d28dd70567d" style="position: absolute; left: 77px; top: 174px;">
            <label>Warning low level</label>
            <input type="number" ng-model-options="{debounce: 1000}" ng-model="warningLowDetector.limit" ng-change="warningLowDetector.saveAndNotify();">
        <md-input-container id="5f3c58da-5323-4881-a90d-1477c72b66d1" style="position: absolute; left: 386px; top: 110px;">
            <label>Warning high level</label>
            <input type="number" ng-model-options="{debounce: 1000}" ng-model="warningHighDetector.limit" ng-change="warningHighDetector.saveAndNotify();">
        <md-input-container id="9f82d6c8-5f53-4a72-a53e-09f54a2cf959" style="position: absolute; left: 387px; top: 174px;">
            <label>Critical high level</label>
            <input type="number" ng-model-options="{debounce: 1000}" ng-model="criticalHighDetector.limit" ng-change="criticalHighDetector.saveAndNotify();">

  • Christmas has come early, Thanks @Jared-Wiltshire! Do I need to retrieve this directive via the beta channel or is there a new update available?

  • Its a full production release. Sorry I should have mentioned.
    Its in UI v3.2.8. Also install Mango API 3.2.4.

    It will create a new point event detector when they don't exist or update an existing one with the same alarm level.

  • @jared-wiltshire Is there any way to add dynamic name of event detector using $index.

    <div ng-repeat="point in soapDispenserLevel">
          <ma-point-event-detector point="point" detector-type="LOW_LIMIT" alarm-level="DO_NOT_LOG" detector="soapDispenserLevel{{$index}}" ></ma-point-event-detector>