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  • Hi! Im running mango on a raspberry pi. I want to start controling and collecting data from my zwave devices. Is this possible ? Anyone here who are running zwave communication in mango? I have a razberry device installed on my pi. Is it possible to implement this in mango? / Mikael

  • Hi Mikael,

    This should be possible. You'll need to have the Zstick and its drivers installed on the Raspberry pi, then you can use the zwave module in Mango.

  • Thank you for your help.
    I am kind of new to programming and automation but on the way of learning, so maybe this is a newbie question.
    Do you mean I have to buy an usb/zwave stick or is it possible to implement the razberry board from z-wave-me also into mango? Which data source is used with zwave?

  • No worries!

    I honestly have no idea if the z-wave-me will work, I encourage you to try! You should be able to evaluate if it'll work just using the free version of Mango. We have a specific zwave module that would be the one to try, and the data source type is zwave. it's not included in the bundle downloads, so you'll want to install that from your module page.

  • Hi,
    I test zwave module in Mango. To test I use:

    1. Z-Stick GEN5 AoenLabs
    2. RaspberryPi 2
    3. Z-wave danfoss living connect-z thermostat.
      For now, I can scan network and see homeID and devices. All devices were included to home network before the tests.
      I can read battery levels, for now. I can't set temperature yet. I don't know how to do that, All I know, is that to set new setpoint command COMMAND_CLASS_THERMOSTAT_SETPOINT (0x43) must be sended.
      In point details window of zwave datasource I don't know what is "Instance" and "Index". Can someone explain this?
      Best regards,