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  • Hello,
    I'm working with serial charts coding. At the moment I have chart showing two series and it works fine. First series is for temperature and the second is for humidity,
    But I want to add maximum and minimum limit lines (horizontal) to that chart too. So it would be 3 lines - min and max for temperature and max for humidity.

    I tried with guides:

    options="{guides: [{fillAlpha: 0.25,value: 20, color: blue }]}"

    It's almost what I need but this way I can only add one line on chart.

    Do you have any ideas how to add more lines to chart ?

  • This should do the trick options="{guides: [{fillAlpha: 0, value: 20, lineColor: 'blue', lineAlpha:0.5 }, {fillAlpha: 0, value: 40, lineColor: 'green', lineAlpha:0.5 }]}"

    edit. Seems like the lineColor property is overridden by the CSS currently. You'll have to use a style tag to set their colors.

    Set the options like this.
    options="{guides: [{fillAlpha: 0, value: 40, lineAlpha:0.7, id:'top' }, {fillAlpha: 0, value: 20, lineAlpha:0.7, id:'bottom' }]}"

    Then add a style tag like this

        .amcharts-guide-top {
            stroke: red;
        .amcharts-guide-bottom {
            stroke: blue;

  • Thanks for help. Now it's fine :)