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  • Hi guys. I was wondering why my MangoES says that my core 2.8.8 is up-to-date although core 3.X.X has been around for a while?

    Is it some compatibility issues?

    Also, we are using DGLux for user interface and if it's not supported anymore starting from core 3.X.X (please confirm or deny it) maybe that's the reason why it's restricting the updates to 2.8.8.

    Thank you.

  • Hi semmi,

    You'll notice there is a checkbox in the bottom of the "Check for upgrades" area that says something like "Show major version upgrades"

    If you check that box after checking for upgrades, you should see the 3.2 core and modules available for upgrade/installation.

    Edit: You are correct DGLux is not supported in Mango 3. Having that module installed should not prevent you from seeing the Mango 3 upgrade options.

  • Hi Phil,

    I see that, thanks,

    What about 3.X.X compatibility with DGLux? It gives me the message in upgrade section that DGLux is not compatible with mango 3.2.1. So I shouldn't upgrade to anything above 2.8.8 if we keep using DGLux?

  • Correct

    You shouldn't upgrade to Mango 3. If we release a new 2.8 core, I would expect it to support DGLux still.

  • Got it. Thanks Phil!

  • Also, the upgrade to Mango 3 is not free so before you upgrade contact us as you'll need a new license.

  • Is it the same cost as if buying Mango 3 from scratch or transition from Mango 2 to Mango 3 is taken into account?