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"Change" Event Detector - auto resolve?

  • Hi All,

    I have some data points with event detectors of the "Change" type configured.

    These then have an event handler to send an email notification to notify of the change of state.

    This is just to notify the supervisor of the system that an automated event has occurred. It does not require an acknowledgement.

    How can I get the event to auto-resolve either immediately or perhaps one minute after the event fires?

    In this particular case its simply notifying of change of duty/standby state in a Data Centre air conditioning system where multiple units are load sharing in a group and the standby unit is rotated so they all have even run hours.


  • Hi Shaun,

    I'm not really certain what you mean, 'auto-resolve.'

    It sounds like this could be a good candidate for a 'Do not log' event though. Do not log events are handled but not logged, so the email would be sent but there would be no entry for it in the database, and so it wouldn't appear on the events page or in the header. 'Ignore' events are not handled at all.

  • @phildunlap

    Thanks Phil, 'Do No Log' sounds like exactly what I need... thanks!