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Mango in productive environment

  • I have been tasting Mango, now i would like view the dashboard in the web, can I publish my desing to access the dashboard since different computer o smart phone?

  • Hi Fabier,

    I am not certain I fully understand your question, but it sounds like you are asking if other computers can access Mango's interface.

    When Mango starts, it opens the configured web.port and you can access it on that computer at localhost:8080. If you have not blocked it in your operating system's firewall rules, then Mango will be accessible on all network interfaces at that port. So, if you have Mango running on in your office on port 8080 and this port is open on the computer's firewall, you can get to the interface at the URL from another machine.

    If you are trying to access it from the internet, you need to figure out a domain name or a public IP (and you will probably need to do port forwarding in your router) that addresses the machine.

  • Thanks