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All users receiving audit reports and alarms

  • Hey guys, I have a new Mango installation and for some reason all users are receiving simple audit events such as 'user admin created data point x'
    I've searched each of the user profiles and have set the user's alarm level to either Ignore or None and neither of these settings seem to affect the audit emails.
    I've also checked the audit levels in the main system and it refers to Information log level, I still can't work out why everyone still get's the email.
    This happens for data points timing out or exceptions also.
    Is there somewhere else I should be looking maybe.


  • Hi Dan,

    You should also check the mailing lists. Not that long ago we added the ability for a mailing list to receive alarms above a level as users do. This way mailing lists' active periods can determine if the emails send or not.

    Some time ago, 'None' meant receive no alarm emails. However, there were already such thing as 'None' level events, so 'Ignore' is the setting that should correspond to not receiving any events (and events at ignore level shouldn't do anything, including firing handlers).

    Those changes should have upgraded transparently. If it is not the mailinglist, my suspicion would be that it is the user setting. In which case, I'd wonder if you could share the output of select id, receiveAlarmEmails from users; from the SQL console.

  • Thanks Phil, I've disabled the users for the time being and set them to 'Ignore'

    The output of the SQL query is below:

    1 5
    2 -3
    3 -3
    4 -3
    34 -3
    35 5

  • No mailing lists defined? I should have also asked for the receiveOwnAuditEvents column.

    Those look like 1 and 35 are set to 'critical' and the rest are on ignore.

    Do you have any event handlers defined?

    The code that generates the list of email recipients is this:
    and I wouldn't expect you to receive information level events as described. Perhaps restart Mango?