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  • Hi
    I'm new to BACNet. I wrote a small controller to expose some BACNet objects and some properies. But when I try to write a value to a property using CAS BACNet Explorer using priority other than 'undefined' it's giving an error. Will you be able to give me a working example with priority arrays.


  • What's the error?

  • ... and what object type are you trying to write to?

  • I'm writing to analogoutput type of objects.
    When I write thru the CAS BACNet explorer with priority of 1 it says write access denied and on the java log I could see the listener method "allowPropertyWrite" was called but not the "propertyWritten" method. But when I write with undefined priority both methods are being called.

    this is how I'm definiing the object properties:
    ao0.setProperty(PropertyIdentifier.objectName, new CharacterString(wp.getName()));
    ao0.setProperty(PropertyIdentifier.presentValue, new Real(1)); ao0.setProperty(PropertyIdentifier.outOfService, new Boolean(false));
    ao0.setProperty(PropertyIdentifier.units, EngineeringUnits.percent);
    ao0.setProperty(PropertyIdentifier.description, new CharacterString("31233232132"));
    ao0.setProperty(PropertyIdentifier.timeDelay, new UnsignedInteger(90));
    ao0.setProperty(PropertyIdentifier.priorityArray, new PriorityArray());
    ao0.setProperty(PropertyIdentifier.relinquishDefault, new Real(0));

    thanks for your immediate response.

  • Priority array handling and commandable values had not been implemented. I have added that now, but you'll need to check out the latest source and build into a jar with ANT.

  • Thanks. it worked.

  • Cool. Note that there are a couple limitations in the implementation.

    1. The min on/off times for binaries (priority 6) are not coded.
    2. The timing stuff around access doors is also not done.