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Meta DataSource with data from others meta datasources

  • I have a few meta data sources that calculate the energy consumption from virtual data sources. I am creating another meta data source that will add the values from other meta data sources. But the final meta data source wont show any value.
    ![0_1499900447103_b40f4d40-267f-4617-9baf-fa920c93e89a-image.png](Uploading 100%)

    Exhaust has the script - return P1+P2; where P1 is PM1 - ActiveEnergy and P2 is PM2 - ActiveEnergy. PM1 and PM2 are other meta datasources. PM1 - ActiveEnergy is "return my.value + (ActivePower.past(MINUTE,1).average/60);"

    How can I get the total and log accordingly? I am testing this on 3.1.1 enterprise edition demo.

  • Opps, seems that I missed out ".value".

  • Hi morris,

    Glad to hear you figured it out!