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  • I have dragged a serial chart onto my dashboard designer area and assigned series1-values as shown below:
    When I add the following command into options, it increases the font size of all the labels (as required).


    But if I add true to the legend entry, by chart now looks like this:

    Do you have any idea why the legend marker and 'Series 1' are misaligned and are taking up so much space?


  • I couldn't say exactly, we pass those options directly through to amCharts so you might want to refer to their documentation. Another option would be to change the font size using CSS.

  • Thanks Jared,

    I've had a good look at their documentation but haven't found any specific solution yet. I will try to make contact with their administration but in the meantime, would you be able to post an example CSS code to change font size?

  • You can add a stylesheet via UI Settings. e.g.

    A quick example would be

    .amcharts-axis-label {
      font-size: 16px;

    You can find the classnames in the amCharts documentation or use a browser inspection tool to example the elements of the svg and check which classes are on them. (e.g. in Chrome, right click something then select "Inspect").