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  • Ok I've attached some images for clarification.

    We have a modbus device which has some settable points.

    It is directly connected via modbus to our LobbyHistorian.

    We can set the data points from the watchlist within the Lobby Historian.

    These data points are pushed to the Main Historian.

    The data points in the watchlist are now missing the settable option.

    If we host a dashboard on the Main Historian, which is what we want do, can we WRITE to the data point? Does it dashboard have to be hosted on the Lobby Historian? If so, is there a way to push the data back to the Lobby Historian using a dashboard or another point or something?


  • Hi Mihai,

    I think you would be able to do this by publishing the point using the Modbus Publisher. You'll create a modbus publisher on the LobbyHistorian, add the point you want to read/set from the Main Historian and uncheck 'read-only' in the row for the point.

    Next you'll create a Modbus IP data source on the Main Historian with a data point configured for the published point. Be sure it's "SETTABLE"

    Once the all the device modbus point --> lobby modbus publisher --> main historian modbus data source --> main historian modbus point are all enabled, try setting a value to the point on your Main Historian and watch what happens!

    It should be said that for preserving the history you're better off sending that data through a Persistent TCP publisher / data source pair. If you were to attempt both functions, I would configure my modbus data point on the main historian to not log more than a few days of data and use the Persistent TCP for the actual history (i.e. any reporting I had to do would use this persistent point instead of the live modbus point).

  • Awesome, thanks, I'l give it a try.

    It probably won't be soon, but I'll get back to you on this post when I either get stuck, or get it working =D

  • I finally got around to doing this and it works.

    Thanks Phil.

  • Glad to head it! :D