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Persistent TCP won't reconnect after restart

  • Been connected to Persistent TCP source for over 30 hours on port 97 then the target system became unavailable during a restart and now the connection will not re-establish.. Oddly if I delete this data source and recreate it on another port it starts up again no problem so its not connectivity issues.
    Additionally our second ES has active connection on another pipe the entire time.

    Is there some way to reset the pipe to a clean state? as if it were just recreated?

  • Is it possible there are newer versions of modules and such available? Have you considered enabling logging to see what is occurring?

  • Ok I am sending it to a log now I will look into this further over the weekend and hopefully I'll have a clue what is happening. It's like only a new connection successfully connects and then it worn't reconnect after the pipe is broken. Before the pipe gets broken or the publisher is disabled it reconnects fine. I wonder could it be related to my configuration of the Linux box because this behaviour does not happen on our cloud server.

    I did not run the install script sudo update-rc.d mango defaults. because it could not find the file. not sure relevance if any.

  • So that is the error you're getting, "Broken pipe"?

    If so, you could experiment with lowering the settings for maximum values per packet (if some server in the middle is upset). Does a new connection publish/receive data for a while, and then fail?

  • It is most likely that a point is not being created or updated properly, throwing and exception and there's the problem. That should be in the logs. Maybe it's creating a point with an XID that already exists on the target system.

    You can experiment with creating a simple point and just publishing one point. Then the search is on for the offending point(s). Check the logs.

  • Phil this happened in 2.8.8 and also in 3.02 our current Version . I did experiment with the broken pipe issue about not automatically restoring connection after Mango restart with no definitive answer. If I modify the port # the pipe starts again automatically without Mango restart. If I reboot the entire workstation, Mango sometimes re-established connections without re-configuring the port. However more often than not a failure to bind alert flashes on the receiver and the connection does not re-establish.

    We installed V3 now to move forward and rebuilt our database without that Java lock issue and hopefully it will be ancient history :)